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We are Leadership Disruptors & Growth Activists focusing on Redefining the Present & Future Leadership Culture in Africa.

As leadership consultants and advisors, our key aim is to EQUIP leaders to MAXIMIZE their optimal POTENTIAL.

​As an organization, we believe leadership is influence. We use unique method-driven techniques and programs to Equip and Enable leaders to maximize the power of influence beyond the authority of their positions.

Our Vision: To build a movement of leaders whose power of influence will far exceed the authority of their positions.

Our Mission: Advancing leadership advocacy in Africa and beyond through coaching, consulting, speaking, training/teaching & research.

Our Core Values

Kingdom Driven: We choose to carry God’s heart in all our engagements.

Excellence: We deliver highest quality and strive for continuous improvement.

You: We lay aside any selfish ambitions and put the clients agenda first.



Our accredited coaching team partners with clients on a one-on-one and team basis in a creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, working through real-life business challenges. Our experienced team act as sounding boards for new ideas and approaches to leadership. Our coaching programs are suited for individuals and groups.

One – One Coaching ÞThe program comprises six sessions spread over up to six months. The coach and the coachee jointly set coaching objectives and agree on the program schedule and timelines for requisite activities.

Team Coaching ÞThe program comprises six sessions spread over up to six months. Sessions are held for teams not exceeding six individuals, selected by the sponsoring organization. The organization, the coach, and the coachees Jointly set the objectives of the program.


Leadership, being at the core of every successful organization, is a complex undertaking. A combination of personal attributes and deliberate learning help grow leadership capabilities for both individuals and organizations.

Our programs focus on the individual and organization’s leadership challenges to address the gaps and create the capacity for the business to face the future with confidence. We use practical approaches that help clients develop and operationalize their leadership strategies, based on lessons from case studies of companies that have demonstrated remarkable success in leadership development and execution, but also lessons on the pitfalls to be avoided.

Our leadership mastermind programs can be customized to bring out the intended culture and change leadership required taking into account your organization’s challenges, aspirations, and capabilities. Our final solution is aimed at addressing both individual and organizational leadership perspectives that speak to the existing leadership needs.

Our Flagship Masterminds Programs for Leaders:

The Leader Within

A 5-week 2.5 hrs that Equips leaders in all organization orientation with leadership values & principles touching on Personal Leader Shift, Credible Leadership development, & High-performance Team Leadership.

A Leader of Influence

A 5-week 2.5 hrs program aimed at Equipping leaders with unique skills to connect with and influence other people. This program will Enable Leaders from whatever level, vocation, or aspiration to increase their impact and make positive lasting transformations with people.

Innovate Leader Experience

A 5-week 2.5 hrs Life-changing Innovate Leader Experience. Key focus areas: Break Limiting Belief || Develop a new leader within You || Understand your highest value || Reposition for Influence || Make every day your Masterpiece. Plus one-one coaching sessions.

Leadership Gold

This is a 2 part – of each 5-week long program for Senior Leaders in all organization orientations.

Strong relationships are critical to your success; Demonstrate appreciation, sensitivity, consistency, security, and humor in your escalation to success; Expect more from yourself than other people expect from you; and more learnings


The Accent Leadership Group team is available for all leadership speaking and moderating engagements such as keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables, workshop sessions; design thinking, strategy and innovation, and team buildings. From learning to leadership, we can customize an engagement to fit the needs of your event and audience.

We offer numerous interactive team buildings for organizations that create leadership communities. We can customize a workshop for your audience as well.


Because the next generation of leaders is so critical, we want to provide an unmatched experience. We use global proven leadership development programs, to expose the youth & teens in schools to essential skills and values to help them become well-rounded and responsible members of their communities. Our team uses tailored support, insights, and assessment to empower teens and youth in learning critical leadership values.

From classrooms and buildings, to open level teams, we utilize The John Maxwell Youth Leadership Programs and Network to drive the learnings, engagements, coaching, and innovative leadership models. This work includes workshops and design sessions and innovative program design and implementation support, particularly in areas of value-based leadership, place-based leadership, and conscious-based leadership.

Check out our Innovate Leader Academy Section/Portal for details.

Let’s build something together!


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Our Impact & Reach

30+ Institutional Partnerships

1000+ Individuals Trained

400+ Individuals Coached

5 Countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, South Africa.


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1st Floor, Chuna Business Park, Namanga Road, P.O Box 53372-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

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