Are Leaders Born or Developed?

Am reading a book by John C. Maxwell on developing the Leader within You and some profound findings that helps demystify the leadership question above. The below have picked only 2 levels of leadership and traits;

The Leading Leader

  • Is born with Leadership qualities
  • Has seen leadership modeled throughout life
  • Has learned added leadership through training
  • Has self-discipline to become a great leader

Note: Three out of four of these qualities are acquired.

The Limited Leader

  • Has little or no exposure to leaders
  • Has little or no exposure to leadership training
  • Has desire to become a leader

Note: All three can be acquired.

So whats your opinion? There seems to be a great deal of confusion over the difference.

My opinion is that Leadership is developed as much as may be born. By applying leadership principles observed or exposed too leaders learn enough about leadership to take their place at the front of the pack.

Published by Coach Gilbert

Coach Gilbert is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Author, a Thought Leader on Self-Leadership, Strategic Leadership & Conscious Leadership & on a mission to creating a movement of leaders whose power of influence is far greater than the authority of their position.

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