The Church in BBI Leadership

The church in Africa among other religious institutions historically have influenced political life since the pre-colonial era, we can relate to how colonialism came alongside the spread and growth of Christianity in Africa. In the post-independence period to date in many countries in Africa, religion and more so the church still plays a big role in advocating good politics and governance; In South Africa for example during Apartheid, some church leaders (led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu) sided with the poor and called for the end of the apartheid. In Liberia, during the Liberian war, the head of the Lutheran church was asked to be the vice president of the state while efforts were being made to end the war and many other examples we can relate to.

The church in Kenya can employ the following advocacy activities based on its structures and systems within the next 60 days after the ban of a political rally for this period based on today’s 4.11.2020 president’s directive to drive advocacy and education of the BBI document:

  • Build grassroots’ power
  • Public Education on the BBI thematic areas and its impact
  • Lobbying
  • Nonpartisan voter mobilization

Published by Coach Gilbert

Coach Gilbert is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Author, a Thought Leader on Self-Leadership, Strategic Leadership & Conscious Leadership & on a mission to creating a movement of leaders whose power of influence is far greater than the authority of their position.

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