How to Be a Producer Christian

Covid has come with its effects, both positive and negative and the majority of the sectors have had a negative effect and I continue joining each of us in prayers and pushing particular policy agendas that will see some cushion or at least some improvement in the heavily affected areas. However, Covid has also come with positives, which are a shift, a spark, a new focus for each of us and even organizations to move from their status quo to new territories, new grounds, and new beliefs without forgetting our foundational bearing in Christ.

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How do you know you are Consuming?

  1. You just want to be served, the church to care for you, the church to call you, the church to tell you what to do next – Why can’t you start producing, add value, contribute positively to the plans, call the church share your views – SERVE.
  2. You feel entitled, that the church should be doing things for you for it to be a church – start having a GRATEFUL HEART – The church did something for you, why not start doing something too.
  3. You keep asking your church what they are doing – why not change that to – what do you need? – What Can I do?
  4. You have an issue with your cell group, missional group, or whatever your church calls, you don’t feel that is church enough to fill your spiritual cup –  Why not join that group and champion for the things that you need to fill your spiritual cup so that every one spiritual cup can be filled too at that level?

What are you Producing this season? Or rather what have you been Producing?

  1. A Producer Christian is focused on advancing the mission of Jesus – the Great Commission.
  2. A Producer Christian understands the truth – it is more blessed to give than to receive.
  3. A Producer Christian does not expect everything to go their way.
  4. A Producer Christian is open to sacrificing for an opportunity for someone else to come to know Jesus.

Jesus says in Matthew 20:28, that he “did not come expecting to be served by everyone, but to serve everyone…”

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Published by Coach Gilbert

I am Gilbert Ang'ana (Coach), the CEO/Founder of Accent Leadership Group. I am a Leadership Coach, Scholar and Practitioner with extensive experience in Corporate Leadership (15+ years). I am also an Award-winning Global Change Management Expert. I have worked with over 2000 leaders worldwide on various change management initiatives through Coaching, Training/Teaching, Speaking and Research. My purpose and that of my organisation are to Advance Leadership Advocacy in Africa and Beyond Through Coaching, Teaching & Research to Build a movement of Leaders whose Power of Influence will far Exceed the authority of their Position. Want to be part of this movement? Join our various programs at

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