This year has been a great year for me by any standards, but also had its share of disappointments. When my dad passed on this year, I had pushed myself hard and say no, I don’t want to cry, God gives us life and God takes life, and I remember reminding myself in my head several times that NO – I will not cry, even when I saw my sisters and brother crying, I kept the focus and for sure I did, until the last day when we were laying him down the grave and I busted out into a loud cry that I couldn’t even control. I wondered how, and where did this come from?

My question for you today is – Who will Cry When you Die?

And I don’t mean here physical cry like I did when I saw my father going down the grave.

In my book – BREAK OUT, I wrote about my journey to discoursing my calling and purpose; right from birth God had a design for my life, from my unique blackness to my journey throughout, being that leader from young age-prefect in primary, in high school, taking on leadership realm in the campus at front line political change champion in the first year to building and supporting other leaders in the consecutive years, to my corporate journey starting from the entry-level to where I am today, is a testament of HIS purpose in my life which He has allowed me to take every step. However, this journey of DISCOVERY was not smooth; I have met good leaders along the way, I have met bad leaders, or not so good leaders, I have met good individuals who became a friend and even brothers, but I have also met individuals who have not been happy about my journey and my path, I have had personal issues, falling along the way, but fallen forward where I had to pick myself up and focus on the call, the goal. I knew along the journey that I had a greater calling and Purpose, which I am living today!

What is your purpose, how can you connect it with what you have gone through so far?

or are you a;

Get up, go to work or business, Go to bed Person?

I recall my times across the corporates I have worked with, KCB Bank, Co-op Bank, and recently Airtel; and in all these areas, I have had very emotional send-offs, of my teams sharing very deeply emotional stuff of how I had impacted their lives, the great change they have created in their lives as a result of our interactions, the stuff they have learned ad implementing as a result of our engagement, the value they have found in me, the challenge I have given them and the story can go on and on. I have been overwhelmed with all the comments and emotional sentiments from my team – BUT, I kept asking myself, what did I do? I did not see how I did, but I came to discover that, it’s the way I valued people, the way I carried myself from an Integrity and character, the way I challenged people to move from their status quo, the way I challenged people to STOP managing TIME and manage themselves, and the way I had to find the greater meaning of my life myself, the contributions I intentional made in the lives of others and the way I enjoyed that journey and many other ways. This is what made people cry every time I step into other journeys, I was living the journey that God designed me to, the path that I needed to go through, to learn, add value to people as I moved to the bigger picture which was HIS calling for my LIFE. And today I am living my journey, my calling, and my Purpose, just because I never lost focus along the PATH.

The question you need to ask yourself as you read this is;

How can you find the greater meaning of your life?

How can you make a lasting contribution through your work?

How can you enjoy the journey of this life as you make that lasting impact?

If you want people to CRY when you “DIE” when you move to other steps in your life be intentional. I read a book sometimes back by Robin Sharma on this topic and some key profound things I learned are:

  1. Every day be kind – Add value to people
  2. Focus and keep your perspective – your bigger picture should dictate your daily actions
  3. Every day keep your discipline – this is what will make you strive
  4. Be honest and trustworthy – we don’t have many people today in this space
  5. Your past is your past – learn & focus on your future and towards the bigger picture
  6. Keep off detractors – could be your closest friends, your boss, say NO to such, and FOCUs on your priorities
  7. LOVE what you DO and DO what you LOVE
  8. SERVE – all GREAT LEADERS live a selfless LIFE




This is what will MAKE people CRY when you “DIE”

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