Negativity can have a huge impact on how we feel and act and it doesn’t matter which area of our life whether at work or even at home with your family.

Negativity is a tendency to be DOWNBEAT, DISAGREEABLE, and SKEPTICAL. It’s a pessimistic attitude that always expects the worst (according to

In our world today there are many stories of how negativity has ruined organizations especially when the majority of team members are always skeptical and not turning them around to make changes, this leads to the toxic environment at work which I talked about in my previous article on “Toxic Organization Culture”. We have also enough stories in the world on how negativity has ruined individuals’ lives especially when the individuals’ concerns have had negativity over their lives and have believed and stuck with them for a longer period which led to low self-esteem, and low self-efficacy.

These are just but the many negative aspects of negativity. However, I went further to review the 3 keywords that define negativity as highlighted above:

  1. DOWNBEAT – according to the oxford dictionary, means a decline in activity or prosperity; which means there is a need to be a call to action for a change to happen, or for a shift in the positive direction. Therefore, this means Downbeat breeds a call to action for a change.
  2. DISAGREEABLE– according to Merriam-Webster means, causing discomfort. When something causes discomfort means there is an opportunity to make a change to a comfort situation – an opportunity to look for solutions to create comfort. 
  3. SKEPTICAL – according to the oxford dictionary means, not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations. The positive side of this is, it triggers more to be done to convince, more to be done to change the doubts.

Don’t get me wrong…..I’m a firm believer in the power of remaining POSITIVE whatever the situation.

However, many of us have been brought up to think and believe Negativity is entirely not good, and that’s where I have a divergent opinion – NEGATIVITY is not entirely bad if we learn to pick out the positive aspects of it.

If we learn to understand why our mind goes to negative zones and thoughts; we get to find ways on how we can either cub those thoughts or use the thoughts to make the change we need to, to become better.

If we learn to listen to the negative conversations and sentiments from our colleagues without victimizing them but, getting to genuinely understand their thoughts, we will get to understand what needs to be fixed and take corrective action.

NEGATIVITY if well utilized will birth CREATIVITY & INNOVATION in individuals and organizations.

Opposite of negativity is loyalty, and optimism and based on my explanation above, it can be creativity and innovation is well utilized.

Negativity is not bad after all.

Next time you have negative sentiments from your colleagues, don’t dismiss them as being always negative; take time to listen…….think……and get to understand the sentiments deeper…….the find solutions and turn the sentiments into positive action.

Next time you have negative thoughts, take a minute and review the thoughts deeper and get to find out why and how you can turn them around.

Embracing negativity has some great benefits, negativity can make us behave more creatively, and fairly curious and can spur innovation in an individual, and an organization.

About Author.

Gilbert Angana

Leadership Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Published Author: BREAK OUT, SPEED, Leadership Purpose

P.h.D. Scholar in Organizational Leadership Development & very passionate about Conscious Leadership.


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I am Gilbert Ang'ana (Coach), the CEO/Founder of Accent Leadership Group. I am a Leadership Coach, Scholar and Practitioner with extensive experience in Corporate Leadership (15+ years). I am also an Award-winning Global Change Management Expert. I have worked with over 2000 leaders worldwide on various change management initiatives through Coaching, Training/Teaching, Speaking and Research. My purpose and that of my organisation are to Advance Leadership Advocacy in Africa and Beyond Through Coaching, Teaching & Research to Build a movement of Leaders whose Power of Influence will far Exceed the authority of their Position. Want to be part of this movement? Join our various programs at

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