RISE to YOUR Occasion in 2022

Break Away from those Limiting Beliefs!

The truth about why you don’t do RISE or Haven’t RISEN to YOUR Occasion yet is because of your limiting beliefs in setting your Personal Goals – Annual resolutions


​​Yes, that’s right it’s you am talking to.

Are you frustrated that you did not achieve what you had set to achieve the last year of 2021 and possibly the goals in 2020 too?

Has that resulted in low confidence in yourself to set up new 2022 goals?

Are you the person who doesn’t believe in setting annual personal goals or resolutions?

Are you this person who is motivated as the year starts and then loses focus and discipline just a few weeks or months after?

Do you lack the discipline and consistency to see off your routine and new habits that will enable you to achieve your goals?

Do you procrastinate on serious goals to tomorrow, which becomes weeks and months till you give us and say it wasn’t meant for you?

It’s time to shed that, and you start over again. Resetting your mind from those limiting beliefs!

I’ve learned to crush the limiting beliefs on setting personal goals at the beginning of the year once and for all, which has helped me to be Authentic, Bold in my goals in order to put in the consistency required to achieve them.

If you are that person who finds excuses not to set your personal goals at the beginning of each year, then you are suffering from limiting beliefs either consciously or unconsciously. The fact that you are creating excuses in putting them down is a sure way that you may need to check your limiting belief!


Because if you are employed, somehow you find yourself doing corporate goal setting for the quarter or the year and sharing them with your boss.

If you are in business you automatically are doing your business plan for the year to see how you can grow your business in whichever spectrum.

The fact that you are not creating time to do your Personal Goal Setting or resolutions or action plan for the year is a sure testament to your limiting belief. The earlier you acknowledge, the better for you to work in breaking your limiting belief and setting your mind in the right frame to accomplish the areas you wish to.

Believe me, I know what you’re going through. I have been there in those years when I could just let the year be and said to myself, no this year I will take whatever comes my way. I am not putting pressure on myself in setting goals that I won’t see through!

But the fact is, limiting beliefs entertained could lead to something much deeper and destroy the potential and God-given purpose in your life and may sometimes lead to mild depression and lower self-esteem.

What causes limiting beliefs and how can you overcome them?

Cause #1: You Fear Failure

Do you fear you’re not good enough to see your goals through?

Do you feel that you have done that before and are unable to be consistent?

Do you fear that you will fail? Again?

Following through with your goals for the year requires Focus and Consistency. These are the two critical self-disciplines dimensions you need to inculcate.

A word of encouragement, your fear is legitimate. It’s justified!

However, rather than let it overwhelm you, embrace your fear. Let it humble you to see your goal ahead as something that requires humility to achieve. The humility that you have to walk the process to achieve the goal.

Let humility motivate you to be focused, and consistent, and put your best foot forward. THAT’S what led me to overcome my limiting beliefs then and concur with my fears. That is what has led me to concur with all the goals I set every year since then and put focus and consistency to push myself to success.

Embrace your fear and let it humble you to push towards your goals this year!

Cause #2: You always think it’s not the right time/year – Procrastination

Procrastination is killing the dreams of many people across the world. Some say that the richest place in the world is in the graveyards because there is a wealth of unfulfilled dreams and goals due to procrastination! Whether that is true, I leave it for you to say.

You cannot eliminate procrastination, but you can accommodate it in a different form. You can make it your most valuable asset in form of Reflections.

From a personal experience, in times where I feel like procrastinating specific goals, I accommodate it in my reflection moments every Friday and I get an opportunity to think through it deeper and refine the goals in a way that I can then transfer and drive them with focus and consistency.

I accommodated and transformed procrastination as part of my creative process!

By accommodating and transforming procrastination in this manner, you can both indulge it and continue with the set goals in a more refined and with more clarity that would drive your focus and consistency to their achievement.

Cause #3: You await a Perfect time or year

Many people struggle with perfectionism and many people in most cases use it as an excuse for not setting their personal goals. Taking too much time in trying to see your goal to perfectionism before taking action can be a crippling time thief.

It is likely to slow down your efforts to start taking action and potentially kill the potential goal altogether with limiting beliefs.

The solution?

Life does not demand perfection. It doesn’t require you to be constantly fearless, confident, or self-assured.

Life simply requires that you keep showing up. Your discipline of focus and consistency is what will keep you on a learning and growing mode on the specific goals and you will refine them and have more clarity on the go.

Now that I’ve shown you the real problems you have on your limiting beliefs of setting personal goals annually – resolutions, search for solutions that work best for you.

There are two types of people in the world: those who wait and those who do.

Those who wait spend most of their lives in the planning stage, getting ready to do something. They talk about their dreams in terms of “someday.” Those who wait are waiting for that perfect moment when all the stars align for them to go after their dreams. They say things like “I will do it…The reality is that “someday” never comes and the person who waits misses every opportunity while holding out for that perfect moment.

You can Break Away from the old you and your limiting beliefs.


“Do not wait; the time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Napoleon Hill

Coach Gilbert

P.S. So we can schedule a coaching session to enable you to understand and break away from your limiting beliefs and Set your Personal Goals/ 2022 resolutions. Block your date and time through www.stepafrique.com  

Published by Coach Gilbert

I am Gilbert Ang'ana (Coach), the CEO/Founder of Accent Leadership Group. I am a Leadership Coach, Scholar and Practitioner with extensive experience in Corporate Leadership (15+ years). I am also an Award-winning Global Change Management Expert. I have worked with over 2000 leaders worldwide on various change management initiatives through Coaching, Training/Teaching, Speaking and Research. My purpose and that of my organisation are to Advance Leadership Advocacy in Africa and Beyond Through Coaching, Teaching & Research to Build a movement of Leaders whose Power of Influence will far Exceed the authority of their Position. Want to be part of this movement? Join our various programs at www.stepafrique.com

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