5 Lessons from the Book “Engaged & Productive”

I have shared a number of lessons already based on my latest book “Engaged & Productive” – 5 Mindshifts in Building Highly Engaged and productive Teams. However, everytime I get an opportunity to listen to the teachings on youtube.

Detailed highlights on more teaching can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHuWQr4ezqVQNkV4RASXQFA or refer to the book for some teaching or speaking engagement https://stepafrique.com/resources/ I get to uncover new thoughts to summarize for my audience. Below are some snapshots of new thoughts that came to mind this past week as I was reflecting on the 5 Mindshifts that is worth your review.

Mindshift 1: from authority to influence.

Influence enable one to develop leadership presence, which is the ability to command respect, inspire confidence, and communicate effectively with constituents at all levels of the organisation.

Mindshift 2: from Ego to Appreciative

Appreciative attributes are anchored on the strength of the leaders emotional intelligence which is a critical leadership skill that enables leaders to manage self emotions and that of others in a way that facilitates appreciation of everyone based on their whole self. Appreciative Mindshift enables leaders to build their ability to build relationships, manage conflict and motivate their constituents.

Mindshift 3: from Communication to Connection:

My most favourite ways I help my clients is to help them understand the art of connecting with their constituents. When they learn how to connect then, they have the real ability to influence and inspire others. The art of connection impacts the results they get with their constituents and even their leaders upstream.

Mindshift 4: from inferiority to cheerleading

Cheerleading entails celebrating constituents with accountability. Cheerleading mindshifts entails leaders establishment of clear goals and expectations for their constituents, and not only hold them accountable for achieving them, but to also celebrate them unconditionally. By fostering cheerleading mindshift, leaders can create a culture of accountability and drive higher engagements and productivity. Such a mindshift enable leaders to manage their inferiority and a culture of blame to one of accountability.

Mindshift 5: from Apathy to Inquisitive.

Inquisitiveness can be a powerful attribute to help leaders build engaged & productive teams in many ways. Inquisitiveness help leaders develop self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and develop strategies to improve. Inquisitiveness also enables leaders to start to understand how their constituents thinking and behaviour directly impacts the results of the teams and workout mitigating solutions in god time.

Want to learn more about how to Build a Highly Engaged & Productive Team, get the details of the book “Engaged & Productive” among other free resources at https://stepafrique.com/resources/

This article and summary has been written by Gilbert Ang’ana – Author of the book “Engaged & Productive” among others. Follow me on the below handles for details of my teachings.

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