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Our service is education & leadership. Through Innovate Leader Academy (ILA), our community impact arm, we equip people (Teens, youth, community) across various orientation learn about leadership (leading self & others), their potential, and achievement so they may have more inspiring, meaningful, and empowered lives.

Gilbert Ang’ana – CEO/Founder, Accent Leadership Group & Innovate Leader Academy

We are spending our lives and time researching and studying these fields. Our service is to learn what we can and then share what we know and have tested.  

Our aim is to build the capacity of leaders, aspiring leaders, and young upcoming leaders at every level to disrupt systemic ineffective leadership values and create the conditions necessary for all to thrive.

Our decades of experience as corporate thought leaders and leadership coaches, all with expertise in and a deep commitment to disrupting ineffective leadership values, enable us to support aspiring and sitting leaders striving to give each person access to the opportunities & practical knowledge they need to thrive.

Key Programs:


Experience Life-Changing Wisdom with Unique Group Engagements that will Inspire You to Reclaim your Power and Change your Life for the Better.

This Mastermind Group Coaching will fill you with tears of realization & confirmation. We only charge a small commitment fee to support our logistics, otherwise the course facilitation is free.

1. Public Schools Leadership Impact (PSLI) Program

One of the Impactful program we are running “Public Schools Leadership Impact” – PSLI aimed at EQUIPING public schools childrens/pupils and students with Leadership Values below:

Aimed at developing public schools pupils and students of key leadership values that will problem them to self-determination and development.

Our main aim is to bring back these children’s esteem, efficacy, dignity and impart valuable leadership skills that go beyond their current status. Some of the lessons we engage them on are the understanding that sometimes they lose but sometimes they learn to enable them to understand that losing doesn’t make them losers and where they are today is not a reflection of their future.

The understanding that we don’t choose where we come from but choose where we are going and who we become by our actions today challenges them to strive to be the people they wish to be in the future and
possibly be a blessing to their current families.

So far we have impacted 10,000+ pupils and students in public primary and secondary schools through a 4-week program with pertinent leadership values that are key in enabling them to navigate their life, and peer pressure and develop their leadership potential at an early age.

Our vision is to impact 500,000+ students/pupils by 2030. If you wish to partner or volunteer in this noble vision reach out through or +254 743 990422.

2. Innovate Leader – Campus Edition

Aimed at Equipping universities and College leaders with critical leadership values that will enable them to become Leaders of Influence and make lasting positive changes in their spaces. In 2022 we started the program at The EAST Africa University – Kitengela Campus where we have so far trained 30+ leaders through a 5 week-long program.

The sustainability of the program is driven by monthly leadership meet-ups, quarterly leadership forums, and book bytes among other mentorship avenues that would be lifelong.

Our vision is to impact 100,000+ university leaders by 2030 who will be instrumental in driving our country’s and Africa’s leadership transformation. If you wish to partner or volunteer in this noble vision reach out through or +254 743 990422.



Gilbert Ang’ana – CEO Accent Leadership Group
Enrollment ongoing

A Space for Professionals & Entrepreneurs to LEARN-GROW-LEAD.

A 5-Week Live Online Mastermind.

Imagine a Circle that Ignites your Leadership Growth & Potential

Imagine a circle of leaders, who listens, challenge, and provoke authentic leader in each other.

A space that will challenge you to be in tune with yourself, your voice, your emotions, your energy. Where you will challenge yourself to bring out the very best in yourself, even when you can’t see it in yourself. Imagine a circle where you will be reminded and held accountable for your commitments so you can hold yourself accountable and keep you moving forward toward your aspirations and goals.

Imagine a circle of leaders who are deeply curious about what it is that makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in your life; a circle that will help understand your significance, clarify your vision and provide tools for action and learning that lead you to the life you want both as a professional and an entrepreneur.

Imagine breaking free of limiting beliefs that sabotage you, having the powerful part of you called forth with a new set of beliefs. Imagine a circle where you can experience and develop a new leader within you.

And most importantly a safe space to be who you want to be.

This is how the Innovate Leader Experience for leaders and aspiring works. 

Are you ready?

What you’ll get:

  • A space where leaders get REAL in their Leadership Journey
  • Deeper Self-Awareness and Emotional Mastery Skills
  • Growth of the Leader in You
  • Belonging & Connection to Self
  • Understanding your Highest Values
  • Reposition for Influence
  • A Path Forward
  • One-one coaching & Peer Accountability

What it is:

  • Maximum 14 participants per Cohort/Season
  • John Maxwell Certified Facilitator & Keynote learnings
  • 5 Consecutive Weeks of Transformation – Modules
    • Breaking Limiting Beliefs:
    • Understanding your Highest Values:
    • Reposition for Influence:
    • Developing a new Leader within You:
    • Make every day your Masterpiece
  • One extra week of a one-one coaching session
  • High Impact Resources and Practices
  • Private Innovate Leader Experience network Group
  • Optional two free ongoing monthly coaching session

The Innovate Leader Experience is just $250 or Kes 25,000

Your investment of $250 is nothing of worth compared to the value you will get.
When you finish, you will have an open invite to monthly Alumni coaching, new resources as they become available, and a connection to what will grow to be one of the largest and most respected leaders personal & professional development organizations in East Africa in the years to come.

Register Now for 2022 Cohorts

Every Year there are only 4 sessions.

Get Ready to Evolve in your Leadership.

Check out our upcoming leadership forums, talks, webinars, and masterminds you can take advantage of to learn and improve your leadership lid.

Want to partner with us as a sponsor or a volunteer or do you want us to run the program in your school? Write to us through or call us at +254 743 990 422

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