Below are some of the Flagship programs we run across the year and some customized for specific groups of clients.

Our programs focus on leaders of all gender, ages, culture, and religion and aim to provide the requisite momentum for the leaders to seek to be the best in what they do and Lead with Clarity & Humanity.

Our learning modes are through online interactions and sharing; while pledging experiential access to our insightful learning resources to the exclusion of geographical boundaries.

Our programs have been designed, customized, and are delivered through a combination of interactive, collaboration, self-learning sessions, and case study discussion sessions.

Our programs are assessed through a combination of real-life assignments and projects and successful participants are issues with certificates of completion.



Boosting Cohesion, Collaboration, and Performance

Is your team productivity at higher levels consistently? Do your team members:

  • Trust each other implicitly?
  • Transform conflicts in ways that strengthen their bond as a team?
  • Think together critically about the tough issues, using their diversity of wisdom?
  • Share accountability and recognition for all successes and failures?
  • Demonstrate a fluidity in their communication and collaboration?

If you answered, yes, no, or a mix of both, then consider this: High team performance is a result of integration as a unit, not simply by having smart people work together.

Key Benefits

With Communication for Connection, your Leaders will:

  • Better understand the real barriers to their cohesion, and undermining practices.
  • Develop a compelling shared vision to guide more engagement and collaboration.
  • Establish deeper trust and transparency.
  • Find ways to promote critical thinking and productive conflict resolution for greater performance.
  • Improve their engagement & productivity resulting in high-performance levels

Learning Objectives

  • The Cube: Applying the CUBE to influence your team cohesion.
  • Aware of Self: Understand your own experiences and uncover other people’s experiences,
  • Descriptive Self: Telling others about your experience builds partnership rather than making them feel defensive, or hurt.
  • Curious Self: Help other people become more aware of their experiences.
  • Appreciative Self: See beyond differences and difficult people to the positive intents and potentials in people.
  • Coaching through the Cube: Build new practices to foster greater interdependence and performance,

Mode of Delivery

2.5 hours each week facilitated development sessions to shape your leader’s focus, address core challenges, and build new practices to foster greater interdependence and performance.

Tailored approaches for the leaders to use to foster their success. A 6 weeks experience that integrates the new focus, connection, and collaborative practices.

Upon completion of the mastermind program, you will receive a Communication for Connection Leadership Certificate of completion.

Follow up 1:1 coaching to support better execution.

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This is an online, 8-session evidence-based, and transformative program that explores the leader’s sources of power and teaches influence strategies to help you become a more collaborative and successful leader.

This program cuts across all leadership levels and the purpose is to equip all leaders, future and current, with the knowledge and skills required to build, strengthen and sustain credibility, authenticity, trust, and sustain hope through better role modeling, coaching, and communication.

These are essential skills needed to empower and inspire your teams and create a personalized action plan to keep you accountable and increase your influence and success.

The program is comprised of eight online sessions, e-resources, modeling scenarios, and practice activities.

Upon completion of the mastermind program, you will receive The Leader Within Leadership Certificate of completion.

Key Benefits

  • Explore and learn strategies for influencing others, and become a more collaborative leader.
  • Learn how your personal leadership impacts your team.
  • Develop strategies for using influence to build strong relationships within your organization.
  • Build a strong, cohesive team by leveraging the leadership potential of all members.
  • Create a personalized leadership action plan to make you more effective and accountable.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, you will have an understanding of your own abilities to demonstrate behaviors, skills, and competencies developed in the following modules:

  • Session 1: Foundation of Leadership,
  • Session 2: Influence Inventory & Growth
  • Session 3: Character & Priorities
  • Session 4: Discovering Self & Attitude
  • Session 5: Creating Positive Change & Affirming Shared Values,
  • Session 6: Problem-Solving & Develop Capacity,
  • Session 7: Vision & Self-Discipline
  • Session 8: Sustaining Hope & Conclusion,

Target Audience

Organization leaders from all orientations (public, private organizations, Political Parties, SMEs, etc.)

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We are John Maxwell Team Certified Members and are Authorized to Teach, Speak, Coach, and Train on various materials and issue certified certificates for various programs we are running.

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