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Changing Leaders Development Landscape in Africa.

Our Value Proposition

Accent Leadership Group Ltd (ALG) is a leadership consultancy & advisory firm specializing in equipping leaders and organizations.

We have a deep wealth of knowledge and wisdom about the complex transformational challenges facing organizations and leaders today and therefore help individuals and organizations develop practical strategies to address the biggest challenges and turn ideas into action and support teams build an EFFECTIVE ENGAGED & PRODUCTIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE in the organization.

gILBERT aNG’ANA – Accent Leadership Group, CEO

Our Process

Steps to Inculcate an Effective Engaged & Productive Workplace Culture in your Organization

‍From our research & experience, we’ve designed a step-by-step process that we believe has the best chance of setting you up to create an Effective E & P Workplace Culture in your organization. We’re excited to share the details below, along with commonly asked questions, to help you understand what partnering with us looks like. We’re so glad you’re here!

STEP 1: We start with the Leaders

Overall Organization Culture is a reflection of the Leadership Culture, which is why we undertake 1 session of 1:1 coaching (at minimum) before the kickoff of any of our mastermind programs with your leaders. After the sessions, we will assess if the leaders are dedicated to practicing effective leadership at work. For teams within larger organizations where active engagement with the organizational leader is out of reach, engaging with the key team leaders may be sufficient.

***If the top leader demonstrates a commitment to creating a (more) effective E & P workplace culture and wants to engage, we'll schedule the next steps to bring an appropriate mastermind program to the leadership team.

STEP 2: Engagement & Productivity Survey

Our intention here is to find out if any significant issues need to be addressed before training begins. Second, we will discover issues unique to your organization’s culture that we want to be mindful of as we facilitate the team. This will consist of discussions or email feedback from the leader’s direct reports, and this anonymity report will be discussed with all leaders with a view of developing actionable recommendations that we will review. The key is to gauge your team relationship with each of our developed Engaged & Productivity Indicators: i) Influence; ii) Appreciative; iii) Connecting; iv) Cheerleading; & v) Inquisitive. We repeat the same assessment 3 months after the conclusion of our Program to offer a reflection on the impact of the program.

STEP 3: Leaders Training

We design Bespoken training masterminds from our vast leadership modules that will address the gaps highlighted:

  • Engaged & Productive
  • Innovate Leader Experience
  • The Leader Within
  • Leadership Influence
  • Communication for Connection
  • Leadership Gold

STEP 4:  Organizational Rollout

After the leadership teams complete each part of the series on the Bespoke agreed Program, we work together to customise the next steps for the rest of your teams and organisation.‍

STEP 5: Ongoing Training

Once your culture has the fundamentals of Innovate Leader Experience commitments, there are other training programs that we can offer to help cement your Effective Leadership Culture.

CEO Accent Leadership Group – Gilbert Ang’ana (Leadership Coach, Speaker & Teacher)


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