Below are some of the partners we have worked with for some of the leadership mastermind, coaching, and speaking engagements. They are not exhaustive and would be glad to partner with you in transforming your leadership strategy & capabilities.

What our Clients/Partners are Saying.

How has our program shaped your leadership? 

“It has truly changed my way of thinking, my attitude to positive,, the leadership role on how I can tap the best from my teammates.”
D. Kioko – Sales Manager

“I have realized how to identify my highest values, breaking limits, how to overcome fear.”
S. Muoka – Customer Experience Manager

“Am now wiser & a more effective manager”
S. Muriithi Njue – Branch Manager

“Am very well equipped to be a transformational leader and I can now transform my generation.”
R. Musyoka – Sales Manager

“It has really helped me to understand the level of leader I am and what to work on.”
C. Ogeto – Procurement Manager

“The program has nurtured me to understand my real values, introduce new methods of attaining our goals and build the best team to work with.”
S. Delwash – Branch Manager

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