5 MindShifts in Building Highly Engaged & Productive Teams

Hi, I’m Gilbert.

Is there a gap between your team current performance and the targeted performance?

Do you feel that your team members are not pulling their optimal weight?

Wherever you and your teams are on the productivity path, I can help you close that gap and enable you build a more engaged and productive team.

Let’s take the journey together.

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Use The below Powerful Tools to Take Your Team’s Engagement & Productivity to a New Level

Engaged & Productive Book

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Engaged & Productive Affirmations

Congratulations on taking the first step to challenge yourself to live and lead this Engaged & Productive Leadership values. The affirmation guide is designed to provide a weekly or monthly accountability that will positively impact your leadership journey to building highly engaged and productive teams.

Building Highly Productive Teams Mastermind

I am excited for the journey you are about to embark on based on my book “Engaged and Productive”. I believe this 5-weeks program and the book will add value to you and enable you build highly engaged & productive teams. Click the title to enroll.

WHAT TO DO at Various Leadership Levels to Build Highly Engaged & Productive Teams!

In the booklet, I share an overview of WHAT TO DO in four specific leadership levels/stages to enable the leaders building highly engaged and productive teams.

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What is the future of leadership?

This is the central question I try to address through this book from the angle of engagement and productivity. I aim to challenge you – the leader, to reflect on several inquiries enabling you to lead at your best and build highly engaged and productive teams and organisations. My focus in this book is to enable you, the leader answer the below inquiries:
1) What is the purpose of your leadership?
2) How do you work with those you lead?
3) What is your role with those you lead?
4) How can you evolve as a leader?
5) How does your leadership need to evolve?

I believe by the end of the book, you will have picked at least one way at the worst that will make you more prepared to build highly engaged and productive teams.

Learn more about Gilbert, A Global Multi Award-Winning Change Leadership Coach & Consultant

Gilbert is a Strategic and Innovative Executive who translates business vision into initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth, and leadership engagement & productivity—empowering leaders with unique perspectives and appreciation that their teams are their greatest asset.

He is the CEO/Founder at Accent Leadership Group, a change leadership consultancy focused on creating a movement of leaders whose power of influence will far exceed the authority of their position. He has a number of Global accolades in his name. He was recognised as one of The Top 40 Global Change Management Gurus – 2022 by leadersHum, Top 25 Thought Leader and influencer in Change Management, African Leader of the Year and Consultant of the year both in 2022 by Africa Board for Coaching Consulting and Coaching Psychology. He is an Adjuct Faculty at ACT University Rwanda where he teaches leadership courses. He also sits and various organizational Boards as a Member.

Twitter: @anganagilbert || LinkedIn: Gilbert A. Ang’ana || Instagram: Coach Gilbert

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