The Digest Podcast

These are short videos where our CEO gives highlights and leadership insights of his experience, engagements, and various books he has read that are aimed at provoking a paradigm shift and learnings.

At the Heart of Change: PEOPLE THE DIGEST by Coach Gilbert

4 Change elements that help connect with People 1. Clarify – the WHY of the change 2. Move beyond Communicating to CONNECT 3. INSPIRE others to sustain hope 4. Empathize with others along the journey. These elements will help facilitate smooth navigation towards the intended change. Check out the video. — Send in a voice message:
  1. At the Heart of Change: PEOPLE
  2. Tips to Liberate your Leadership
  3. 4 Tips to Practice Total Caring Leadership
  5. Growth
  6. Procastination
  7. Humane Leadership
  9. Raise your Leadership Lid
  10. What is your Leadership Value Proposition?
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